Xeno, a.k.a. Randall Hogan, began his life-long music career in his hometown of Rockford, IL.  Throughout his youth, Xeno honed his vocal talents through different choirs. Always searching to enhance his music abilities, Xeno spent his teenage years singing, playing guitar, and writing rock music.  From garage bands to brightly-lit stages, Xeno soon emerged as the original lead singer for Cheap Trick.  Modern rock myth portends that the band's name was inspired by Xeno, himself. All one has to do is read the book written by Mike Hayes and Ken Sharp,"Reputation is a Fragile Thing: The Story of Cheap Trick" to understand Xeno's influence.   See press page for some great old stories.
After several years performing with Cheap Trick, Xeno moved to Minneapolis, MN where he continued his professional music career.  Well-known musicians such as Yanni shared the stage with the rock star. Xeno's talents are also highly regarded on the business end of the music business.  Xeno's experiences have enabled him to be extremely market-savvy in today's finicky music industry.  From Minneapolis, Xeno moved to Milwaukee, WI.  His successes continued, and has generated an impressive fan base.
Xeno's credits include singing with Milwaukee's own legendary group "Bad Boy,"and his voice can be heard on numerous albums. Xeno is also a veteran performer of Milwaukee's music festival, Summerfest. Well-regarded by the international music community, Xeno has earned his reputation as a superlative singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. Xeno brings a unique blend of professionalism and artistry to the stage, and his fans delight in his entertaining performances and amazing voice.